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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow *HIC!* Snag-Free Stitch Markers

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Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow *HIC!* Snag-Free Stitch Markers
Set of 10 snag-free stitch markers in a Not Exactly Illegal Liquor Green jump rings with It Will Knock You On Your BadonkBadonk Green glass beads

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Absinthe, that seemingly magical and slightly devilish of liquors. The striking green color and its shady history (is it illegal? is it hallucinogenic?) may give one pause. The ritual of drinking absinthe -- pouring a small amount into a special glass, placing a sugar cube (a sugar cube!) on a special silver spoon, and then slowly pouring cold water over the sugar to dissolve it -- brings up thoughts of witchcraft, voodooism, or at least lost weekends in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Actually, absinthe comes from the Latin absinthium, which comes from the ancient Greek word for wormwood, the primary ingredient used to make absinthe. Absinthe is also flavored with anise – which tastes like licorice – and sweet fennel. And it is alcoholic, very alcoholic. Typical ABV ranges from 45-74% (90-148 proof). Yikes! And while the spirit was illegal it was because of sketchy evidence that the thujone, a toxic chemical found in several edible plants including tarragon, sage, and wormwood, would make you go crazy bonkers, even though absinthe contained not even enough thujone to make a flea tipsy. At the same time, Prohibition was rearing its ugly head in the US.

So, while abinsthe is certainly no longer illegal in the US, it's not exactly recommended to use sharp sticks while imbibing certain drinks ... or at the very least know that it's probably wise to stick to garter stitch. And definitely do not drive! This set of 10 stitch markers will give you the lovely sensation that you're way cool enough to be drinking absinthe without actually having to drink it. Made from aluminum jump rings, the glass seed bead is glued over the joint to ensure smooth moving. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

Fits needles up to size US3/3mm.

Nickel free.

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Yarn Weight Cobweb, Lace, Light Fingering, Fingering
Fiber Choices N/A
Color Family Green
Color Attributes Handdyed, Handpainted, Solid Color