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Hufflepuffs Don't Get No Respect Snag-Free Stitch Markers

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Hufflepuffs Don't Get No Respect Snag-Free Stitch Markers
Set of 10 snag-free, hand-twisted stitch markers made of Helga Hufflepuff Bad-Ass Black and Gold wire with Cedric Diggory's Cold Dead Black Eyes beads

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The Hufflepuffs are the unsung heroes of the Harry Potter Universe. They are actually pretty badass. Their mascot is a freaking badger, which will tear you into ribbons just for looking at him. That's METAL. Case in point, one of the coolest characters in the wizarding world: Nymphadora Tonks. A Metamorphmagus with bubblegum-pink hair? Who gave birth then went to fight Voldemort? Being nice doesn’t mean boring. Even Cedric Diggory, who probably was an okay kid, just doing his thing, until this Harry Potter bloke moseyed along, and the next thing you know, Cedric's seeing his insides on the outside. Poor Dope.

Huffle to the PUFF, yo.

This set of 10 stitch markers are just the thing for your inner Hufflepuff! Made from hand-twisted and hand-coiled copper wire of black and gold, the glass seed bead is glued over the joints to ensure smooth moving. Because the rings are hand-coiled and cut, your markers may be slightly wibbly-wobbly and not completely round. All stitch markers are shipped in a zipper bag in a padded envelope.

The LARGE size fits needles up to size US13/10mm.

The MEDIUM size fits needles up to size US10/6mm.

Nickel free.

Additional Information

Yarn Weight Worsted, Aran, Bulky, Super Bulky
Fiber Choices N/A
Color Family Black, Yellow
Color Attributes Handdyed, Handpainted, Kettle-Dyed, Multi-Color, Solid Color